The Eightjuice group was funded in 1998 acting in different markets. Our clients operate in different business areas witch include herbalist shops, pharmacy, para-pharmacy, sports, clinics and food chains, among others.

Currently the group is divided by several branches of activity, and the entire group is fit to respond to the needs of the general market and specialty to the needs of the clients.

We seek to create the best solutions for our clients, respecting their interests, cultural factors and particularities.


In virtude of their business performance, the eightjuice group counts with the following septs in their history

The group begins the activity with a few food supplements witch provided added value for the herbalist shops business, and a brand new business strategy, with a committed team to work closely with the clients.
We expand our business to the pharmacy and para-pharmacy market, developing also an nutrition concept and a few specific products.
We started to develop partnerships with a few distributors and retailers so we can expand our clients network and sale points.
We invest in our technical and nutritional departments, and with a team of nutritionists we performed eating plans adapted to various age groups and health problems.
Design of a line of dietary supplements to the food industry and mass market.
Development of a line of dietary supplements to the area of fitness and sports.
Creation of a line of cosmetics for the area of aesthetics, spas and leisure centers.
We seek to create new products with different ingredients or used them in a modern concept, of which we highlight the mangosteen, artichoke, eggplant, raspberry extract, green coffee extract, among others.


We work daily to guarantee the quality vs price of our products, providing our customers with an efficient and adequate technical and marketing support. We inform all our clients with accuracy and transparency of all our products and services available to them.

We work with dynamism, simplicity, agility, integrity and trust, seeking to be pioneers and futurists in our offers in order to provide the best business opportunities. We work directly with our clients in order to develop the best solutions for their business.


We respect the nature, and the promotion of the wellbeing through health and nutrition, we also privilege the human relationships within our team, with our customers and suppliers.

This allowed us to grow in a sustainable manner and in an organized way.


Working with the best materials in the development of an innovative concept in terms of formulas and packaging in the nutraceutical field.

We present diverse lines in areas of maternal and child health, weight control, antioxidants, sports, among others.

We are dynamic, assertive, futuristic and innovative, we aim to be close to our customers by offering value added products and services and with a differential mark.